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Product details

Mixfood Knock Drum Machine is a 10 Slot Drum Machine with a 32-step Step Sequencer. Each Drum Slot contains 1000 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion, Toms, Bells, Tambourines, Claps and lots of Effects). There is also room for User Samples in Drum Slot 10.

10 Drum Slots

Each Drum Slot has various controls to shape the sounds to fit your track. Featuring Envelopes (Amp & Filter), Filters (LP/BP/HP), Tuning, Panning, EQ, Sample Start and Lo-Fi. Each Drum Slot has its own dedicated set of Effects (Grain Pitch, Frequency Shifter, Delay, Reverb, Panning and another EQ).

Numerous controls can also be automated within the Reason Rack.

Step Sequencer

The 32-step Step Sequencer has Rate and Swing control. The Step Sequencer uses 32 Velocity Sliders per Drum Slot. Each step can be set using a Velocity Slider giving you total control over the volume and impact of each step.

Audio & CV

On the back you’ll find Separate Audio Outputs for each Drum Slot (Wet & Dry). Each Drum Slot has a CV-gate input so you can control it with another Step Sequencer. Also each Drum Slot has a CV-gate output so you can control another drum machine with the Mixfood Knock Step Sequencer. A second CV-out is available for controlling modulation inputs on other devices so modulation will play in rhythm with your beat!

Views & Panels

Mixfood Knock comes with 2 different views, the main panel gives you the total Overview of all 10 Drum Slots and a Zoom view for a detailed view of each Drum Slot and its controls. The Zoom view is also the place where you control the Step Sequencer for each Drum Slot.

Best workflow for a Drum Machine

Mixfood Knock Drum Machine is designed to give you the best workflow, fattest sounds and lots of fun creating your Beats in the Reason Rack!


Mixfood Knock Front (overview)

Mixfood Knock Front (overview)


Mixfood Knock Front (zoom view)

Mixfood Knock Front (zoom view)


Mixfood Knock Back

Mixfood Knock Back


Mixfood Knock Front (zoom view)

Mixfood Knock Front (zoom view)


Audio Demo

Video Introduction and Demo

Create a Beat and use Bounce in Place to play around with different Audio Clips

Create a Beat and Send Notes To Track



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